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fuck this shit

it is entirely inconsistent with elizabeth’s character for her to drop everything (PIRATE KING thank you very much) to raise a child as a landlubber

give me elizabeth, eight months pregnant, still running the show from shipwreck cove

give me elizabeth and her six-year-old son cabin boy kicking ass and taking names as they outrun the royal navy

give me elizabeth, instead of waiting for will, sailing out to meet him

give me elizabeth dying at sea four years and one week later and signing aboard the flying dutchman to the shock of its captain

give me elizabeth and will co-captaining the dutchman and sailing the seas beyond the edge of the world for eternity together

give me young billy (i’m forced to assume they, as pirates, are unimaginative when it comes to names) telling the story of william turner, who gave up everything for the woman he loved, and elizabeth swann, who took it back with sword and pistol

something always bothered me about that ending and now I know what it was god bless

Headcanon accepted.


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5/100 Supernatural stills → 1x10 Asylum 


The scans were too nice, I had to make this: have some transparent swimboys for your blog

(scanned/cleaned by me)

Killer Whale 2